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What is a discovery session?

Discovery session is an incredible opportunity for you to learn about the power of coaching, how I can help you remove burn out and exhaustion to manifest a freedom life doing something you love.

Is this you?

Do you feel like you've got blocks or beliefs about yourself that are stopping you from moving forward?

Do you have big goals and big dreams, but the feeling of "not being good enough" gets in the way of your growth?

Do you feel like you’re just existing, not living? 

Are you feeling overworked and under paid, or even worse undervalued and know you're destined for more?

Do you ever sit there and think “there has got to be more to life than this!”?

Do you long for a freedom life, and just know you are destined for more?

Does manifesting interest you but you have no idea where to start?

What actually is coaching?

Coaching is where we have high powered conversations using powerful tools and techniques, to help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Holding you accountable whilst being your biggest cheerleader.

Energy Healing and Manifest coaching specifically is someone who helps you overcome blocks, negative beliefs and helps you see things in a completely different way. All of this whilst adding a little bit of magic too using the power of manifesting.

Why I can help you.

You might be thinking “that’s great Sarah, but how can you help me?”

Let me take you back…..

The reason I can help you is because I’ve been where you are right now. As a Qualified Chartered Accountant, it got to the point through our UK lockdown where my working hours sometimes exceeded 17 hours a day, 6 days a week. I felt burned out, stressed and completely owned by the corporate world. My family felt neglected, my mental health was suffering and all that kept going through my mind was “there has got to be more to life than this! I was put on this Earth for more.”

This thought was the first step to changing my life. I knew I had to take action if I wanted to change my life. I invested in a coach because I knew I couldn’t create the freedom life I was craving on my own, and by doing the actions she guided me through, my whole world transformed. I found my purpose, my passion and manifested everything I needed to make that freedom life become my reality.

I now have complete freedom to design my day however I want to. I get more time with my daughter, and I have created a business doing something I love. I no longer wake up stressed, and now that I know what works and what doesn’t I can help you achieve the same. You are destined for more!

How coaching works.

We will sit down via a video zoom call and have powerful 1:1 Coaching conversations together. These calls will allow us to work on creating clear specific goals, align you to your true life purpose and remove the blocks and limiting beliefs around this so you can manifest that freedom life you’ve been dreaming of.

My approach

I am an accredited coach and NLP Master with Cerifications in The Activation Method and Silent Counselling, so I really do have a ton of knowledge and skills when it comes to helping you create the life you desire and shifting your limiting beliefs.

Not only that, I have achieved it myself! This means I know the exact steps to take to help you bypass all the mistakes I made, and take you straight to that freedom life you are craving so badly. My approach is direct and honest, but also understanding that life happens sometimes and its ok to be vulnerable. Everything discussed in our sessions is completely confidential, and whatever comes up week on week we will work through together.

I am a results driven coach who focuses on continuous progress. We are here to change your life so its super important that we keep taking action, but that’s why I’m here! To be your biggest cheerleader and navigate you through any blocks you may have along the way.

I’ll also be sprinkling a bit of magic into our sessions too, and helping you see just how incredible you are! 

Worried about the investment?

Now you might be sitting there reading this thinking “This all sounds amazing Sarah, but can I afford it?” and trust me, I’ve been there too so I can completely relate.

But don’t worry, I’ve got your back and have made my coaching programmes extremely affordable. I have a range of payment plans to accommodate all budgets, and investing into yourself is going to be life changing. Just think what you’re going to get from this! 

Think about how it would actually feel to live a completely freedom life, to fire your boss and to live life on your terms. No more stress, no more burn out, just pure alignment to your purpose and your passion. Doing something that you love and getting paid for it because people value what you do, that’s powerful right!

Money back guarantee

I also have a complete, no quibble money back guarantee. If you are not happy for whatever reason 30 days into the programme, you can have 100% of your money back. No questions asked. 

Honestly, I’m not here for the money, I want to help you change your life.  If we are not the right fit, you can have your money back. Whether its because you don’t like me, you don’t like coaching, it’s not helping you or you don’t like my approach, its ok… I won’t be offended.

What is it in it for you?

Complete alignment to your true life purpose

A 180 degree flip in your mindset, helping you create an unshakable belief that you are worthy and capable of having the life of your dreams

A full assessment on your current life situation so we can move you forward and out of the funk

Remove any resistance, negative self-talk and blocks to allow you to completely manifest the freedom you desire.

Help you feel focused and take your power back! 

One of my clients Siobhan realised through our sessions that she wanted to be a beautician after years and years of feeling lost and unaligned. She signed up to do her beauty therapy courses, quit her stressful corporate admin job and is now working for herself doing something she truly loves.

Another client Charlotte is a mum to 3 boys. When she went back to work after maternity leave she missed her boys so much. Through our sessions she created a successful online business that lights her up every day, quit her job and now works the hours she decides whilst having quality time with her family too.


You are destined for more! There really is more to life than this and it’s time for you to take your power back and have the life you deserve. 

You were not put on this planet to remain stressed, burned out and living in a world where you constantly need to ask permission to have a day off, no way! You were put on this planet to be happy, fulfilled and most importantly FREE!


Schedule in a time for us to talk on a powerful complimentary discovery session, where we will finally talk through what you specifically want and what’s holding you back. 

During this session we will create a crystal clear vision of your future, and uncover the hidden obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward. You will come away from the call feeling renewed, reenergised and ready to start taking action in your life.

I want you to know that I’m talking about a real transformation. This took me from a burned out, stressed Chartered Accountant to a successful entrepreneur who gets to live an incredible freedom life doing something that I love.

I don’t want you coming back here in 6 months time wishing you’d taken action sooner, decide to start making that change today! And I promise you in 6 months time your life will look completely different to how it does now.

I am going to leave you with the 2 most powerful words you will ever hear, and ill start right now.


Do not allow yourself to click off this page without gifting yourself the most important 60 minutes of your entire life.

I CAN HELP YOU. Book your discovery session now and take your first step towards your freedom life TODAY

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